Website funnel "double load." Why?

I have a sign up funnel which has been coded remotely and it is very odd but the pages seem to load for a split 2 seconds and then reload.

You can see the funnel here -

** You don’t need to register to see the double load - just go through a few of the steps and you should see it **.


It is very annoying and is definitely happening but does not happen all the time.

The coders who worked on the funnel can’t see it there end and say it is a browser issue.
I have tried several browsers and can see it happening a lot.

If you run through the funnel you can see it (does not happen all the time).

Does anyone know what might be causing this as really want to get it fixed.

Many thanks,

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Is there a way to see the problem without having to actually sign up for the service?

You don’t need to register, just click through a few of the steps and it happens randomly after each step.

You can see it quite clearly on the load after step 13.


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