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Many years ago i had a friend who was part of a scouts group he as a leader but lost contact with him many years ago
today i recently noticed their domain they had is no longer i contacted the person in charge on the phone to ask if they have any plans for their website.

only for them to reply they dont plan on utilising it but they get most contact from other foms like scouts offical website.

couldd a scouts club have any issues without not having a websitie these days???

i am talking about a local scouts club here in new zealand.


If they can be contacted from the "scouts official website" do they really need to go through the trouble of having their own website?

Though if you wanted to, I think teaching young scouts the basic ins and outs of web development could be a satisfying endeavor. Just put it behind a password and let them have at it.


Why does scouts need a website, doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose?


Depends, but from their response they have some information about their club on the official site. In addition they might use Facebook as well for reaching their community.

However, this could be an opportunity. With the response you got it is clear that they are not willing to pay for a website, but if you still need something to show in your portfolio it could be viable.

In that case, you can contact the person again (at a time where there is least chance you catch him doing something else) and start by apologizing for calling him again, and continue with that you have given it some thought and believe they could benefit by having a local website with general information, and that since you are starting your company you are willing to do this for free (including the hosting, at least the first year) to help the club.

Basically, the key here is to be as concise as possible until you can explain you want to do this for free as a community service etc. After that you can explain, (if he is interested) that you recommend a few short pages, where basic information about the club as where it is, when the groups meets etc. as well as some information what they do and perhaps a few pictures.

Please note, at the start when you do cold calling, even where you give away something for free is hard to close. Do not be put down if he say that they are not interested, chalk the call up as experience and consider what you could have said differently for your next sales call.

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