Website for a product.. What is the best choice in this case?


I am planning to start a new site around a real product. It is related to a product to use in your homes. It is a fairly expensive product and gaining popularity nowadays.

I have a couple of questions:

Now I want to make a dutch version of it and an english (global) version. What is the best thing to do with an eye on SEO ? Should I have an automatic detection script where the visitor is from, and redirect to the right area?

Where should I host the site, as I want to rank good in the .nl and the .com

Any advice on this?


Anyone ?

Is your key market the dutch version, or the english/global version?

If the english version is only a secondary market you could focus your efforts on the dutch version, host it locally with .nl domain, and let Google translate handle any English speaking users who visit the site.

Another approach might be to build a Dutch version on a .nl domain and an English version on a .com domain, customise them each for the different markets (ie. give them each different content, not exact copies of the same site) and get them both ranking for your products.

Buy separate domains and advertise and cross-link them separately. That will be more effective SEO-wise.

You can always have a geo-detection script on both of them and redirect any strays to the right site.