Website Flipping

Hi all,

I have been reading about website flipping but not sure on how to get started on it im interested a domain i have to use it called but what are the steps involved to go ahead with getting the website up and running and then sell it for a larage sum i know it will need seo and all of that can anyone suggest the steps or maybe point me to a tutorial?

Flipwebsites has a very nice website flipping guide. Don’t rely on just one source however. Gain as much knowledge from as many different reliable sources as you can. Good luck with your venture

how can website flipping can profit fast ? nearly 1 month?

Hi William,

You need to be careful bout you domain hoster as to with whom your site will be hosted and then as per mentioned above learn as much a you can and never rely on any one source. As far as SEO is concerned be careful about Meta Tags as it is very important and do research as much as you can for the keywords. When you will do SEO or will get done from some reliable firm then tell them to rank your site at top with one or two unique keyword and at least one competitive keyword. If you want your site to successfully then ask each and every question here or at other suitable place or people and clear all your doubts.


Dangerous business, but profitable if done right, like all businesses. Maybe you want to start knowing the internet industry as a whole first. Dont venture into anything new expecting to make a profit with no knowledge.

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I never knew about website flipping until the present owner of a blog I used to own contacted me about buying my site 3 months after I put it up. It was at that time, at #7 for the keyword I was ranking for. His offer was pretty low but I didn’t think it was then. I was just too happy to sell him my blog which I wasn’t at all planning to sell. Anyway, website flipping can be profitable, so long as you know how much your site is really worth.

Its basically is the time put in+revenue potential worth selling the website at a given price. In my case that answer is almost always No. But for some people it works very well.

Like mentioned, look up as much info as you can on flipping websites. It’s a risky business if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could pay a lot for a site and if you don’t know what you are doing you wont be able to make your money back on it or any profit. You should learn as much as you can, put in the time and work to improve the site and build records proving it can make a sustained profit etc before marketing it for sale.

my advice would be to go on and take a look at the recent auctions…keep a look out at what sells and what does not. You can then build a website geared towards a certain niche based on this information…

its a nice place to get a website for a starter, i got mine at flippa and i really do a lot of promotion to get the site noticed.