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Hey SitePoint Community,

I am Pavel, a co-founder of tech startup LensAI that is about to launch.
I would love to hear your comments about the websites we created for our product! All opinions on flow, user-friendliness, design, content are welcomed.

The site doesn’t work at all without JavaScript, so that would immediately send me looking elsewhere.

With JavaScript enabled, it is not keyboard navigable, and I find the screen change with minimal mouse scroll disorientating.

I tried watching the initial video, but the text disappears before I can read it. If it appeared as “completed” text, I would be able to read it more quickly, but the animated text “filling up” makes it difficult for me. The horrendous background music doesn’t help.

There is no contact information, just a contact form. I would never consider doing business with a company without knowing exactly who they are and where they’re based.

Sorry to be so negative, but it’s better to know the problems before you launch.


Personally, I wouldn’t care if a website won’t work without Javascript as long as don’t mind losing a few people who don’t go to websites that won’t work without it. I would put a notice in HTML stating that you need javascript in the HTML.

    <h1>Sorry, but you needs Javascript enabled to use this website.</h2>

As for the rest of the website I haven’t really given a good look at it.

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I keep JavaScript disabled, and don’t mind missing out on some functionality, but I do expect to be able to see basic content. I can then judge whether or not I need and wish to enable JavaScript to do whatever it is I visited the site for. If I can’t see enough content to make an informed judgement, I generally just leave. Telling me I need to enable JavaScript will only annoy me; it won’t make me any more likely to do so.


Thank you for such detailed feedback. It is very helpful.

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