Website feedback for my reviews site

Hi guys,

I am looking for feedback on the name for my website:

Currently, i named my website Geekivity but feel that it is not a good name for my site.

I use the website mainly to post reviews of products and services. I have had the site for about a year now.

It is a review website but i feel like that the name is stupid. Do you guys feel the same about the name?

Do you have any other feedback/advice for me?

Thank you in advance!

The name doesn’t really convey much to me, and what it does convey is at odds with what I found on the site. Most of the reviews seem to be of e-commerce-related products and services, which is not what I would associate with the term “geek”.

The site itself is a bit of an enigma. What’s its purpose/niche? I know it’s a review site, but as I said, it seems heavily-weighted to e-commerce. On the other hand, it doesn’t specialise in that; there are also a couple of unrelated reviews, which give an overall odd impression.

As far as I can see, there were no reviews added between March and October, which makes the site look neglected and suggests (to me at least) that information found there might not be up-to-date. Your “About” page (which is hard to find, because your main navigation only has a link for “Reviews”) says is a website that provides you with tech news, reviews, deals, and tips.

but I found no news, deals or tips.

IMHO, the main problem is the paucity of content, rather than the domain name. What content there is seems decent enough, but there’s not nearly enough of it.

Wow, i appreciate your feedback and advice. I did not expect to receive such a thorough review of my site.

I am not worried about the content of the site as I have content on other sites that I plan on transferring but the name does not sit well for me.

As for no posts being listed from March, I began transferring posts from varios other blogs to merge them on a single blog to create a multi topic blog. Having multiple blogs in a single niche is very difficult to manage and add content to it.

The reason that is has mostly ecommerce content is because i began migrating such content first to conduct some split testing.

I am just concerned about the name as it seemed cool at first, but thats no longer the case lol.

Again, i appreciate your time reviewing my site.

Thanks again

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Your sites is a simple blog, unappealing and hardly user friendly. Unless you are getting traffic to the exact landing page like “icontact vs constant contact vs get response” people will get lost. Then there is no option for engaging the user other than the comment box which is too old school now. Options and poll if readers find this review helpful will be a good option. Internal navigation is non existent. No menu no bread crumbs no related posts. I would not be surprised if you have bounce rate in 90s.

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