Website doesn't display

I uploaded my new website to a new host, but it doesn’t load.

To test what the issues were, I made an account with

I uploaded the same files to and the site works fine.

The hosting company of said that there are several issues which are most likely causing the site to not fully load. They sent the following screen shot.

I have no idea what needs to be resolved based on the reply; it is especially confusing as the site works on

I would welcome any advice or direction you could provide, thank you.

Thank you

The file plugins.min.js is where you’ll find the answer to your problem.

It didn’t get uploaded for lack of space, and was replaced with a message to choose a more powerful hosting plan.

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Hi there sredhead.

unlike Paul, I found that the page displayed OK,
when I commented out this CSS file…

    <!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/css/preload.min.css">-->

Further examination showed that this part of the file…


…was the root cause, and this particular line…


…being the troublesome little bugger. :eyebrows:

Of course, I am not saying that your page will work as
intended, as Paul has pointed out that there is a
javascript problem that requires your attention. :winky:


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Hi Paul_Wilkins.

Much appreciate advice, thank you.

The plugins.min.js is showing as 815 Kg, I searched the internet and found a version with 233 kb but that also had the same message. These files seem large compared to other .js files.

I tried compressing the 815 Kg plugins.min.js but the result showed: Stats: 0.18% compression, saving 1.39 kb, so the file still too large.

The 233 kb plugins.min.js compressed showed: Stats: 2.45% compression, saving 5.58 kb

Is there a smaller version of plugins.min.js or a way to link to an off site version? I couldn’t find any result in a google search.

Any ideas welcome

I recommend adjusting your code so that jQuery doesn’t need to be used at all.
Either that, or pay to allow larger files to be uploaded, or find a different host.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your response.

I found a solution, by linking to the plugins.min.js on another host, that works now.

Thank you for pointing out the issue.

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Good evening coothead,

Thank you for your continued support, very much appreciated.

Should I add the code that you provided to the html?

<!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/css/preload.min.css">-->

Regarding the position:fixed; Should I delete this part of the min.css?

As I mentioned to Paul, I linked to the plugins.min.js at another host and that seems to work, not sure how logical that is to a professional, but with my limited knowledge, it was all I could think of.


That code is already present, there is nothing further
that you need to do. :winky:


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Thank you for the confirmation coothead, always appreciated.

Have an enjoyable weekend.


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