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Can any one suggest me which is the best language to development the website, according to seo rules 2016?

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Heh, the language you use has no bearing on SEO per se. It’s how you use the language that counts. And it’s basically front-end languages that this applies to, as the back-end is hidden from SEO. (Of course, the back end outputs front-end code, so it needs to output something appropriate.)


ya, i agree with your points…

I’d like to add that, whatever language you use for the backend, it’s crucial that you optimize your code for speed, that goes for the server side and client side code alike. Google puts great emphasis on speed and a slow-loading page might affect your search results ranking according to the latest Google docs.

PS: If you like more specifics, see this page:


Going by the SEO rules i think php website is best for website development. It is easier for on page optinization for most developers and designers as the language is relatively simple as compared to Java or ,Net, and the cost of creating a PHP website is also less.

How so? What exactly makes it easier for onpage optimization?

You may find it easier to use, and that may very well be true for the person asking this question, but ultimately, that has to do with being able to design and manage the website. It has absolutely nothing to do with SEO.


You can build your site with any language that is not a problem, but when comes to On-page optimization it is php language is more developer friendly language to fix on-page issues.

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Can you give a brief example of how and why using PHP for on-page optimization was easier for you than if it had been a different language?

On-page optimisation refers to having correct meta tags, correct HTML structure, meaningful alt text, optimising Images, JS and other resources - things like this. In what way is PHP any more beneficial than any other backend language for these things?

The Thesis Framework for WordPress is best, I must recommend it because your main concern is Seo friendly website which you want to develop and thesis framework is best as per your requirement, it is also known as “smart theme” and allow easy customization, so you can create a special looking website. Sure it is a premium theme but it is definitely worth the price.

I also vote for PHP as it is widely used but you can make a site perfect SEO by using any programming Languages and its not only PHP.