Website builder

i wanna make website with a header having option like home-about-contact-work. this with some attractive theme. i need to know any software which can help me making site without any programming language knowledge. later i will add blog in website but till now my plan is to make simple website. please suggest some free softwares or tools.
thanks for reading

Is there any particular reason why you don’t want to learn how to code your website? Any software which produces the code for you will undoubtedly have a poorer quality end result. Especially if your website has specific or complex needs, if you really don’t want to learn to code I would recommend using a CMS product like Wordpress and adapting it using a theme (though you may well be limited again to what you can do without poking around the code). :slight_smile:

the reason is that programing is very tough and i dont have any prior knowledge and experience, however i can do a little bit. do you think that i can make a good business website with blog using wordpress theme

I’d recommend Wordpress here too, as its not just for blogs anymore and you can easily build a nice website with it using more traditional “static” web pages.

If you already have web hosting with someone chances are good they have an easy way to install wordpress with a few clicks, and a quick google search for “free wordpress theme” will turn up plenty of options. (“mandigo” is one of my favorite free themes that’s easy to customize)

As far as paid themes go, you can find some great ones for $20 - $40 at, or spend $20 at to get access to a great collection you can use on any of your sites.


thanks Steve for your advice
i have installed word-press now looking for a good theme, I am a freelancer, writer specially my interest area is mystery, thriller, horror. So, I need a theme in black or any dark color positioned toward thrill or mystery. Can’t wait for new website to up, I have bundle of notes and short stories to put in.