Website Builder without hosting

In the last couple of days I’ve been looking around for a platform where I can build simple one to four page static website via drag and drop without having to host the site with the platform, without success. Is there a plaltform where I can just either dray and drop or choose a template inside a few content and download the site files for onward hosting anywhere I decide?

Since you have not mentioned that you have a domain, I assume a blog could work great for you. There are many free blogging sites which can be used to build a normal website for almost any task.

Free themes for websites/blogs are in plenty, you can drag n drop your pics and re-design the whole thing.

Hope this helps!

Try WordPress or Joomla! - depending on what your business needs are - they have free templates suitable for any kind of business…There are also lots of sitebuilders on the net that offer ready-made solutions for people for a decent price, just google the keywords free website builder :smile: Anyway, not sure if that helps but maybe you should hire a professional who’d help you build a project of your dreams instead?

you can create a temple in some local software like coffeecup, dreamweaver etc.