Website broke


As you can see my website is broke by only producing a blank screen…

I don’t know why this is happening and have been in contact with my server who can not help me any more…

I have uninstalled new plugins which gave me no results, it’s so annoying!!

Hi Lee, what platform are you using? Worpress? Joomla? PHP custom script?
Usually a blank page like that indicates a fatal error for php. Check your error reporting level to see if it is off.


am using wordpress and my server emailed me this morning saying

We can confirm that PHP works fine and the wp-admin and other php scripts are working fine.

Unfortunately we do not provide scripting help, as this is beyond the realm of service that we provide. We suggest searching on wordpress forums for scripting help.

How do I check my error reporting?

Add the following lines to your .htaccess (if you have one), it may help IIRC. :slight_smile:

php_flag display_errors on 
php_value error_reporting 0

I dont use WP but a bit of googling brought:
which gives you the location for the error_reporting config.


I’ve had this problem in the past, and it was cause by a plugin called super cache.

See here for more info

google “wordpress blank page dreamhost”

link is the 4th one down. Sorry i would post a link but the forum won’t let me since this is my first post.

Hope that helps.

1man… Brilliant!

It was that plugin… never had problems before… I think I must have changed a setting or something :slight_smile:

Will have a play :slight_smile: