Website blog Vs free blogs

I have blog on my website and i often update it but i have heard about free blogs like blogger, wordpress too. is it worth to use free blogs too if you have your own blog on the site ?

Yes sure you can use free blogs it doesn’t harms you website. It also helps in increasing visitors to your site.

Can you explain how that works? abhijit12a already has a blog attached to their site. If they start another blog at a different URL, they will now be splitting their blog content between two sites, which will be competing with each other in the search rankings. Two blogs are likely to confuse visitors, too.

Surely it is far better to keep things as they are, with one blog on the main site.

Yes you can use both side by side it doesn’t effect on your site.

What do you mean by that? Do you mean it has no bad effect on your site, or that it has no effect either way?

Did you read my concerns about the effects of splitting your efforts over two sites, and can you answer them?

Brief replies which give an opinion but no real information are not very helpful to anybody.

I agree with TechnoBear. if you have a blog on your site and then you should not have the same content on free blog. It would duplicate information and content. I think you may give reference of your site’s blog as a little post on free blog using unique words, so that users from the free blog can visit your site to get information in detail.

The main different is Blog is for getting indirect traffic to your website
Website blog is getting traffic to your main website.
If you want to improve your website traffic, then you can post directly in website blog. So it will increase your site traffic…

Hi technobear,

Thank you so much for the reply, i agree with your point that my content will be splitting between two sites. Right now i am not happy with traffic of my blog. My content is unique and i update periodically but still not enough traffic. so i just wanted to know if free blogs or any other method will help to increase traffic of my blog.

Press release are the good source for increasing traffic of your blog if your press release are related to your blogs topic. use it, its really great for your blog and also used social networking technique to increase the traffic of your blog.

I dont know how much blog post I have make, Let me clear the concept I you have professional site but I do not take blogger or wordpress I got real visitors .Actually the user want creative image with attractive tittle to read . Blogger and word press is also fine here you can customize much better rapidly also you got domain age with your content. It depend on website If you think you have good place to utilize your content you can use it.

if you already own a blog with stable traffic, my suggestion is keep updating that. However, below are few different between Wordpress and Blogger, and because I dont know about you blog, so hope that you can \make comparison with your blog on your own.

  1. Wordpress: to be more specific, it is a open source, can be used to make a blog, website (even basic e-commerce website), in term of blog, it’s incredible with a lot of plugin, but it’s NOT free, because the source can be free download, but the domain and hosting you have to buy, moreover, some plugin with advaced features also requied to pay. Hence, to set up a blog based on Wordpress, still cost you an amount. But repeat again, it’s incredible, more than a half of most famous blog in this world are based on wordpress (sry for dont attach the link, i’m afraid I’ll be banned, you can google).
  2. Blogger: is created by google, it’s just a source of blog, that’s it. In term of blog, it is less effective than Wordpress, less plugin than Wordpress. However, there are two main advantages.
    First, it’s totally free, domain and host will be provided by Google, as long as google doesnt shut it down.
    Second, it’s A BIT more easy for SEO purpose than Wordpress, because Google has optimized it for SEO purpose.

Now is your turn to choose…

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WordPress dot ORG is Free WordPress
Limited in what you can do somewhat, but free and could be a good way to get used to it. eg. a “practice” blog.

If you already have your own site blog, you’re all set. Don’t bother with another, you should be busy enough with the one you have if you care about it at all.