Website Backups


I’m interested in what people do to backup there websites in the design community. Do you just let your host take care of it? Or do you have some fancy piece of software that backs up to your local machine via FTP? How do you deal with database backups?

Do you have any software you would suggest for this for a Mac user?

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Use a CMS that keeps the data on your own PC.
DB to HTML web builders store the content in an open format database on your PC then export it via a simple template into real html,.asp,.php etc pages that you then automatically upload.
Not only is the data safe but it’s faster, more secure, cheaper (no database limit on hosting) and builds lighter pages than with an online databases.
There are limitations to this approach with multiple contributors but it certainly has benefits for a lot of sites.

For Drupal I use a module which offers me the opportunity to schedule back-ups by cron jobs. So now and then I check the back-ups if everything is still okay. And monthly I do a manually back-up. The back-ups from my cron jobs are stored at a Gmail adress and a FTP. The monthly back-ups are stored locally on my pc.

if you are using the cpanel then there is the option of site backup which will keep the backup of your files and provide you the download-able link.

I think this type of option is present in almost all site control panel.

Install FTP Client on your local computer Then Follow Those steps :

Open your FTP client and Enter User name & Password for your account, Then click on connect button. After this you look website file.

you can copy and paste the files to the folder on your hard drive. This is Backup your website.

For my existing websites and web development boxes that are online, I do let my web host perform automated backups. I see these compressed backup files and download them to my local machine for safe keeping and offline storage.

Either download from the file manager provided by the web host control panel, or using a secure connection (SSH) to the web server itself if I want to do some stuff on the command line.

I use a database control panel like phpMyAdmin to setup the backup routines, then I pull those backup files off the server to local storage.

A lot of this is pretty much the same on a Mac, since you only need a web browser to connect to your web hosting provider control panel. Please let me know if this helps. Thank you.

I use rsync to backup all of my sites to a single server and then use jungledisk to upload it all to Amazon’s S3. Very easy and effective.

we use server back up solution also backup via FTP