Webscribble: Webjobs: PROBLEMS: Buyer Beware!

Greetings to all!

Just a word of caution. If you are planning on implementing Webscribbles webjobs. Here are a couple of observations. This install was done by their “technical support team”.

  1. When trying to log into the installed site, the log in button errored out since it was pointing to a non existant folder
  2. The USERNAME IS CaSEsenSitivE therefore John JOHN JoHN JohN (e.t.c) are different users; to them, this is a feature not a bug
  3. Users can not log in using email address
  4. When an employer adds a job to the system, the text is horribly distorted - I have a ticket open with them and they do not have any timeframe for a fix - This has been open for a week now.
  5. Support leaves a lot to be desired and is border line non functional.
  6. Their forums have only 16 postings with the most recent being a year old

Before you buy their script, treat this as a BUYER BEWARE!

I must double–and perhaps–triple the warning issued by the initial poster about being wary of webscribble. I bought their webdate software and it was an absolute nightmare. The code was so buggy, there were always major glitches that I’d have to pay programmers to fix because their tech and customer support are non-existent. Do yourself a favor and just shell out for programmers from the beginning–or find another company that offers premade packages that actually work–you will save yourself hours of time, frustration, and, in the end, money.

Is there maybe someone who sell his licence from webjobs

issue after issue, poor or no support, more bugs than an entomologist conference, you spend thousands of dollars trying to correct things and I have yet to see a site that is properly working. bad bad bad. do a google search and check them out

webscribble businessweek, webscribble reviews, webjobs reviews, are all good search phrases check it all out. decide for yourself.

im having problems with webnetwork too, their support is about as poor as you can get, once they have your money they simply dont care, so webscribble buyers beware !


I’m afraid I have to agree with the above comments about the mass of bugs and the lack of support. I don’t wish to think I’ve made a mistake purchasing webJobs so I’m trying (many hours in) to get it right but now I’m on the verge of giving up. A few hundred dollars down the drain. :frowning:

First let me say I am happy to find a place online to discuss webJobs because I’m not getting much result from Webscribble, especially since their site is down due to a fire or such at the place where some of their servers reside. And it’s otherwise been taking days if I hear back lately as well. So, hello out there. I have recently purchased webJobs plus the zipcode plugin and resume wizard plugin (about 2 months ago) so I believe I am current. I think the resume wizard is junk and I’m not going to use it (besides, people looking for a job have a resume, they can just copy/paste and that’s that). I am using Webscribble to host as well (purchased a yearly hosting plan), and they did the complete installation. Currently the site is not live as I’m still trying to get things right, changed the main homepage a little, etc.

  1. When an Employer fills in a new job posting via the Post Jobs form and they enter a substantial amount of “long description” text, when they then arrive at the page to review/edit the information (the page with the “Confirm and Process” button), the long description text runs way down below the left “Job Description” panel bleeding into the bottom_page footer. Basically a mess. The border around that “Job Description” panel, or rather, the bottom border of it, does not expand/extend to accommodate the long description text. In fact, it doesn’t even expand to include Salary, Short Description, and so forth. Here is a snip of screen shot of that panel (the gibberish text is just my hitting the keyboard to fill in fields) but note the run-into the footer. Even if I completely remove the footer, the bordered box just doesn’t expand downward. I have tested this with various browsers (PC: Firefox, IE. iMac: Firefox, Safari) and results are same for all.

  1. I have the zip code plugin installed. When Employer starts with the Post Jobs form, the rows/fields involving Job Type, Zip Code, Description are a jumbled mess. Here is a snip. This is actually not as bad (it is via my iMac and Firefox but via IE there is overwritten text on top of each and really bad):

  1. I want the jobs board free to employers so I have created a 0.00 price which displays as Free in the billing plans. Similarly a combo package of 5 job postings and 1000 resume views, etc. When the employer has job posting credits, let’s say, 4 remaining, and they get to the “Confirm and Process” page noted above in #1, they are told they have 4 credits remaining and if they click the radio button, the job posting is processed and they are redirected back to their MyAccount page. However, not it says they have “2” credits remaining. In other words, it is decrementing 2 credits, not 1 credit.

  2. When they (Employer) gets to that “Confirm and Process” page, regardless that they have, say, 4 credits indicated, the page does not wait for them to click the radio button and then the “Confirm and Process” button. I had to set the Redirect value in the Configurator to something like 60 seconds so it will delay long enough for me to even see what’s on that page, let along try to edit the job information or so forth. It is embedding a meta refresh tag in the page. But that doesn’t give people a change to edit their posting or review the info, etc.

Well, just a few very annoying and delaying issues with this software, notwithstanding no assistance from Webscribble on this.

Any input from webJobs users would be most appreciated (I was supposed to be live with this 2 weeks ago and it’s bothering me that I can’t go live with these problems and am not getting assistance from Webscribble support – though I guess they have their own problems right now with their own site down and some of their hosted sites down).

Frankly that’s just a few of the problems and issues with this program that I am experiencing, there are plenty more.


Well I have to say, based solely on my own experience, that when I first set up webJobs on my own hosted server (I did the installation) as a test site, it wasn’t any faster. My own hosted server is pretty fast with everything else. I saw “Waiting for…” messages in the browser status bar plenty. Not consistent, sometimes it would move quite rapidly, sometimes slow as can be and caused problems because, for instance, I have it so picking a country, such as U.S., then gives a list of States, which when picking one then gives a list of cities, etc. Problem is, each such “pick” requires basically a reload of the page or some such but that “Waiting for…” delay would have people impatiently thinking they can’t proceed.

I have seen this exact same issue with the Webscribble hosted site. So it didn’t appear to me to be the hosting but more so the program. Maybe just too many files (some 1,100 files??) interacting or whatever is going on via Interpreted scripting.

I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem, look, or feel particularly solid to me. Maybe that’s all I can expect for some $400 (program and plugins) with a program of this complex nature. But it seems to strike me by way of comparison as a toy piano for kids vs. a real piano (which of course costs a whole lot more than a toy piano).


I too spent a lot of money, their hosting was complete rubbish was far too slowl, i am seriously thinking of cuttin my losses and moving over the new software, which is going to hurt as i have over 2000 users on my current site


Well the problem wasnt really a big deal, their hosting was slow, so i said i would like to move and can i have my money back for hte hosting i paid for, of course they said no i couldnt have my money back, its their whole attiitude thats the problem really, some companies bend over backwards to make things work for you, i have even had better experiances with independant people who have designed their own bits of software, that i had with webscribble, everything is a chore to them, they are never wrong, getting them to do something takes about 4 times of asking as if the problem you reported doesnt stand out a mile you will get an email reply saying everything is fine.


I purchased webscribble jobboard – I also got the zip cold plug in. The plug in has never worked. They insist it DOES work but it does not. Getting help is a long long long long process. My site is constantly down. It is disabled because of some “key” issue periodically. there always online “sales” help, but NEVER “service” help. I get the idea the “service” people don’t have a good grasp of english because they don’t undertand hat I’m tring to relay 1/2 the time. If I had to do it again, I would NOT have wasted my money by purchasing their software. BUYER BEWARE!!! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about my comments.

Basically I’m inclined to think this program is a disaster and should have never been released, least of all requiring hundreds of dollars to purchase. And I used ‘their’ free installation. It’s just terrible. You’re right, the zip code plugin (extra charge $$) does not work. They don’t even have it on their own demo. But when I post a job in Los Angeles at my local zip code and I do the quick search thing via zip code, entering a zip code in New Jersey with a 10 mile radius, it brings up the Los Angeles job – as well as every other job regardless of zip code location. If I select ‘every’ drop down box in the quick search to be completely specific about the posted job, but still enter a far away zip code (such as in New Jersey), it brings up the job in Los Angeles. So no, you are correct, it dos NOT work.

They sent me 84 files in a zip to correct many problems I reported. I installed everything just fine. Now, not only did it not fix the problems I reported, it made things WORSE. No longer are ANY notification emails being sent (that at least worked prior to this batch of patch files). Now when a new employer signs up, they automatically have “1 Job 15 Days” sitting in their job credits (no resume views). I have not set anything to give this free posting credit, indeed I made sure such was not checked off in the Admin.

The page that used to come up just prior to posting the job where you would check a radio button to use Credits or pay by Check now no longer comes up at all.

If you post a job in a country that doesn’t have “States” (therefore nothing in the State drop down) then you get a form “required” error message in red that you must select a state and city – even though there is no State to select in the drop down menu when filling in the post job form.

The program itself takes forever to trigger the next function and the browser sits there with a Waiting For… message in its status line (which means if you do select a country with States, such as the U.S., the refresh to make the States available in the drop down either takes forever to happen or there is a timing out error message from the browser.

I mean holy cow. I can even live with the wasted hundreds of dollars, and the wasted 100+ hours I’ve spent on this thing sitting up all night trying to get it right and then having to go to work with an hour’s sleep, but my boss is all over me “You approved it, we bought it on your say so.”

Just plain very annoying. I’ve worked with lots of server side web programs over the years but have never encountered anything so poorly done and with the nerve to be charging hundreds of dollars.

Well I’m going to give it another week or so, respond to this latest slew of patch files they sent me (v. apparently) that have made things worse rather than better, and we’ll see what their response is. But for now all I can say is that webJobs in its current incarnation by Webscribble is a disaster.

Seems nothings changed with webscribble, I abandoned the dating script years ago as it was crap. Looking on hotscripts seems you are not alone with the issues

I have heard from Webscribble support productively and they are working on fixes for various things I reported. A ways to go but I am beginning to see results at the site, thus far at least.

I’m using webjobs, and my website is currently live. It works okay for the most part. But I agree with all the ‘bad’ comments above, as I have the same experience.

By the way, does anyone know how to create a new XML file in webJobs? I’m looking to create a new format for the jobs feed, with more fields. The default RSS feed is not customizable. Thanks.

i purchased webjobs about a year ago. I’m still working out the problems they so generously offer. i have since though, been able to fix most of there problems by hours of digging deep into the lines and lines of unnecessary code. but i found a WONDERFUL tool to help fix (if you are a php programmer) and add on to any webscribble product. Just do a search for “dezender”. You’ll figure out any problems way before they offer useful support.

It looks so good cause its cheap and guess what its cheap! I had to go to a different server because of the softwares needs so now I pay two different hosting companies. I had so many problems the searchs do not work such as search for people in an area or in an age group. Still cant upload music they say I have to adjust the PHP on the hosting site and I have no idea how to do and they wont and neither will godaddy.com so the reason I have the site is so musicians can upload video and music and well it does not work at all so …i have a site looks good but does not function.

I would like to get rid of it and start over I just need to find some better software and just cut my losses any one know of a different software?

Thank you so much!

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Create an account in their forums space.
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I purchased WebScribble in April of 2009.
It does not work.
I asked for a refund. They threatened to send me to collection.
These people are unethical. If they do not issue a full refund I will have no issue suing them for non-delivery of a working product.

Do NOT buy this product. These negative posts have been going on since 2005 and in 2009 this company still does not deliver a functioning product.