Webposition Gold - will it effect my rankings?

once a month we run a Webposition Report for our clients. Ive heard lots of bad things about how Google doesnt like Webposition (and similar products) because they use up resources on Google’s servers. Will Google penalise our listings if we continue to run Webposition reports? Webposition has a checkbox for ‘Utilise best practices for all my search queries’, which basically means that it will wait a specified amount of time between querying Googles servers to reduce the resource drain.
What do you think?

I don’t think Google will penalise your listings but they can lock your ip out from doing searches for a few hours (at least that is the rumour I heard). I luckily have not been locked out yet, but don’t overload/do too many searches too fast and you should be okay. IMHO

Thanks, We have a dynamic ip, so not sure how they can block it - unless they block an ip range. I might contact Google and make sure that it wont affect the rankings. We run about 5 reports a week (all in one afternoon), so I dont think thats too intensive.