WebPage error

I tried emulating (F12) IE9 on my new pages and I get a box with an error, pointing to a line 32, whucih as far as I can see is empty…
Any of the “Look inside” popups in http://pintotours.net/Europe/Spain/Barcelona.html. Does not happen all the time

I don’t seem to get it in a similar page with identicaL popups

Could you help, please?

It is not identical, this…

<div class="ad" id="popup-test">

…is missing. :cold_sweat:

HI coothead

In which page? i checked a few both in Barcelon and Punta Cana and that line is there.

Would it explain the error?

yes, it appears that it does, although I cannot understand wht difference it makes to the code itself…


CrowneBcn.html does not contain…

<div class="ad" id="popup-test">

ParaPalma.html does contain…

<div class="ad" id="popup-test">

Crossed posts. See above.


If the page is a “pop up”


…and this…


[/code] ..is not in the HTML, then this... [code] document.getElementById('popup-test').innerHTML=[/code] ...will cause the error to which you originally referred.

Got it!

Thanks. Another problem solved!

FYI the emulation of different IEs in IE isn’t quite accurate, so I wouldn’t rely too heavily on that.

Thanks Ryan

My HD crashed in June and now I’m stuck with IE11 and without access to IE9.

As for Edge, I agree with you: things are already changing, so I’m going to sit tight and wait for the bugs to get solved.


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