Webpage displaying php code


This is my first independent software project and am enjoying it with all the attendant nightmares.

I have an index.html in my wampserver www directory. On this html, there is a link for a user to upload file. When I hit the link, I select files to upload but instead of the uploadmanager.php which i have tested in my eclipse debugg environment to work, it displays some part of the code on the web page without doing anything thing. This is not what I expect. Can someone please tell me what is wrong?

Thank you.

Did you test that it works? try putting a PHP file with phpinfo() in the document root and run it

I have a wampserver 2.0 which i have using on a local machine and everything is working fine. i dont understand.

Are you sure your server supports PHP? it sounds like PHP is not being parsed

I ran this:[COLOR=“Red”] http://localhost/setapro/[/COLOR] which has the homepage as the index.html and everything is ok now. Thanks

I think it is in order now.

Paul we also need some code to see what is wrong also…