WebKit (Safari and Chrome) overflow text issue


I have a UL list wrapped in a DIV (the DIV is absolute positioned as it’s being used for a CSS only drop down).

The UL obviously has LI’s but the LI’s contain a single anchor <A> each.


    <li><a href="#">some link</a></li>

IE and Firefox force the text to wrap inside the container, but WebKit browsers show the text overflowing the containing area? How can I fix this without setting overflow:hidden as I want the text to wrap to it’s container like it does in IE/Firefox.


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An image is worth a thousand words, and the code is worth a thousand images. :slight_smile:

Your attached image is pending approval, but even when it is shown I think it would be a good help in giving a precise answer if you provide a link to the page or post the full html for this together with the full css (use the vB code tags).

I actually had another issue with the drop down DIV not expanding to fit content within it. I changed it so the LI’s aren’t floated but use display:inline and not only did it fix the DIV not stretching to fit the content but also the overflow text issue (not sure why floating LI’s would cause the text overflow issue though?).