Webkit Browser CSS issue with Safari 5.1.5

I’ve built a site which I use some jQuery to create a slider on the page.

The issue I have is on this page http://hottech2.rollertestingserver.co.uk/technology/continuous-flow/#x3 and only happens when I am using <video> within a <li> tag and only occurs in Safari 5.1.5 but was fine in previous versions.

If you click from 1 to 2 on the slide you’ll notice the text loses it’s bold. Click back and the bold comes back.

Any tips why this is happening?

I don’t see any problem in 5.1.5 on a Mac. Is this a PC issue?

I don’t notice it happening on PC version. I just downloaded the 5.1.5 version and it’s not happening. Is it just your computer doing it?

I’d submit a bug request to safari explaining the issue. It sounds just like a version bug. As simple as that.

As to why the bug is happening, I haven’t the faintest idea (goes back to the bug theory) :).


It only seems to happen on the Mac and also only has started happening since my upgrade in Lion to version 10.7.3 as it is also now happening in Chrome another Web Kit browser so do you think it is OS related?

Done a little further research and it seems to be a screen dim issue with html5 video but I removed this and left in the flash object which still made the same issue occur. It seems this issues was resolved by Safari in 5.1.4 but still occurs.