Webcam Server

Hi all,
I need to set-up a webcam server that is capable of feeding live images from the webcam through to a webpage.
I need to set-up 7 cameras overall. 6 of them will be fine streaming a series of pictures, for example uploading a new picture to our server via FTP once every second.
The seventh camera is currently only a possibility, but would it be possible to do this streaming a live video to the website?

I know the images are possible, but I am not so sure about the live video stream.

I can use any free OS on the server’s, but would prefer ubuntu server as I have used it before.

Any and all help will be appreciated,
Daniel Groves.

You will have to set up a streaming server in order to do a live streaming. Also the server should have high internet speed in order to get better results in order to get high quality video streaming.

For windows Microsoft is providing Microsoft Media Server. For more details visit

Cool, thanks thewebhostingdir, I will take a lok at this!