WebAIM 2012 screen reader survey out

WebAIM’s 4th screen reader survey results are now out, with almost 2000 respondents.

The main points this year:
-more mobile screen reader usage
-free and low-cost screen readers have increased significantly
-Apple use has increased (mobile-wise, Nokias are still most popular in Asia)
-web pages still suck

I found it unfortunate that the majority of respondents were North American, so next time they have a survey I’m going to alert the Orca mailing list, which is Orca/Linux users who are mostly in general Europe, India, and Brazil. That would help give more rounded results.

One of the things that I found odd was WebAIM’s suggestion that 5-10% of all iOS users are also VoiceOver users, because it didn’t explain how it came to that conclusion. And it didn’t ask the people who were negative about free ATs whether their view came from first-hand experience.