Web spark program

is anyone in the webspark program, if so do you think it is worth it, thx

Web Spark is a great program. As is Dream Spark (for students).

Thx, will lok into that also

Thx, for your info, am still a little undecided, having worked in php for awhile now, it would probably be a steep learning curve going to asp.net.

It is a steep learning curve, but a learning curve that I do not regret for a second.

Website Spark is for .NET developers who are self employed or do not have the finances to purchase expensive VS licenses.

Another option for you is Web Matrix, it is new and I am hearing some good feedback, check it out - http://www.microsoft.com/web/webmatrix/

I am on it and think it is fantastic, at the time of signing up I had to post a web url within 6 months I think it was, which is easily achievable.

You get access to visual studio 2010 pro, Expression Studio 3 and many more software for free.

It is worth and my friends have join the web spark.

Can join the m$ SPLA license scheme too. (us$100 fee as ok and worth)

Update me if info changes.

For reference only.