Web Site Development Best Practices Question

I built a quick portfolio site back in March using the wonderful SitePoint video course on responsive web development.
I am returning to that site now wanting to make a few changes…
And I am drawing a blank a bit.
I have Atom and my terminal open and am trying very hard to remember best practices for making changes and then uploading them to my server (I can make local changes…but can’t seem to remember how to upload them to the internet) my site is basic shared hosting on Site Ground if that helps…

I’m guessing I would use ftp – but – but – it all seems really foreign and I honestly can’t remember what to do next.

I hope this is a straight-forward enough question. I am more than happy to refine my question, etc.

Thank you!!

Hi! While you can use the terminal or Atom extension to upload files via FTP, I find it easier to use an app like WinSCP. Once you make all your changes and are happy with it locally, it’s just a push of a button to upload them. I like WinSCP because you can even have it synced so that files are uploaded automatically on save, although I would avoid this if you’re working on a production server.

If you’re on Mac/linux, one of the top apps still seems to be Filezilla although it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

These series step you the the whole process, from installing to uploading:

Both are hugely popular, so if you get stuck you might be able to search on youtube for the specific combination of webhost/operating system you’re using.


Thank you!
Okay - I think I can frame my question a bit better.

The actual gaps in my learning are these:

I know the above ^^ (and that totally answered the question I asked, so thank you!) and helped me realize where my gap in this project lies.

The website uses Sass and that is compiled using gulp (via node)

However, it doesn’t use Express (or similar) …

And I have it hosted on Site Ground…

But I cannot for the life of me remember how I uploaded it…and I don’t think I understand best practices for making small changes to the Sass/css (for example)

That ^^ is a better question :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

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