Web server performance


What makes the website perform faster in the in the web host server? Is it the RAM for example? Please tell me or direct me to an appropriate article.


I had the same question when I first was researching and from what my host’s customer service told me, you need to look at several things for a server as a whole:

  1. CPU speed
  2. RAM amount
  3. Optimization

For a VPS for example, if you know what you are doing and you go the “unmanaged” route then you can tweek it to your needs and make it super fast.

Thank you. Unfortunately I will go with managed one. Do you know any good one that can tweek these according to my needs?

Optimization needs to be done as per needs. As you are getting a Managed VPS so its best to get in touch with provider support and tell them your needs so that they can make required changed.

The biggest gains typically will come from cleaning up and optimizing your code in the site. You can do things such as making your queries more efficient, lower the size of your images and one of the greatest things I have done to improve speed was to make the ads load last after all the other page content has been loaded. Ads always seem to load the slowest of anything on the page and if it stalls the entire page that is very bad.

How did you make that?

I assume you mean the part about loading ads last. You can achieve it with ajax like this http://blog.realmofzod.com/blog/2009/11/19/load-your-ads-las/ but there are a few methods. A little google work and you should find something to your taste.