Web ranking based on social media? Facebook rank? Twitter rank?

Web ranking based on social media? Facebook rank? Twitter rank?
Is a tool like entourank.com better than alexa.com or google page rank?


I’m not sure what you are asking but if it is about social having an impact on the ranking of sites in SERP’s, yes social signals have an effect on this. This is especially true for Google Plus where Google is serving results based on things people in a person’s circles have plus oned content. Google Plus, authorship and more weight for social signals are all signs that Google is moving in a direction to identify content based on how people feel about and interact with it as opposed to more technical signals like links, keywords, and architecture.

I am not familiar with entoourank but I visited the site and typed in a few domains. Some came up with no information and others had information that didn’t really seem to have a logical organization. What is the purpose of the tool? Also, one of the domains I typed in, the tool changed the URL that I typed. I would stick to more established and well known standards like PageRank and Alexa rank.

Speaking of Alexa Rank, I would suggest not putting too much weight on this metric. There is a lot of debate around the web as to how accurate and useful it is. Some people say that the data is totally exaggerated and skewed, others like to use it. Alexa collects its data by a tool bar installed in the browser for users. If users don’t have the tool bar installed, they are not counted in the data. So in theory, if a website had visitors that were well aware of the Alexa tool bar and didn’t want it installed, that site would have a horrible Alexa ranking. That’s probably a horribly extreme example but you get the idea.
In a nutshell, there are probably lots of other things you should be working hard on before you start worrying about this.

Check out this post from SEOMoz on the inaccuracies of Alexa and other measurement tools,

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About alexa:
the thing about alexa (in most cases) is that it measures only visitor that have
alexa installed via a toolbar or some other app… That is why it’s not so reliable

About Social signals:
Google already published a news release about taking social signals into accounts. i believe they use twitter, LinkedIn, facebook and other social signals to find new content and measure people interest in specific content.

The reason Google is treating Google plus as more important is because they can check for IP’s and user credibility better than other sources but i would treat all social signals as helpful.