Web portal plugin needed

I am looking for a plugin that allows me to run a fairly simple portal for a local kindergarden. It needs:

  • Four levels of members - Parent / Teacher / Board / Admin. The levels are in that order.
  • Each level can see the lower levels, but not the one above them.
  • All files added need to be approved by the Admin before they are published.
  • All levels bar parents need have the option to add content including files.
  • All this needs to be done in the front end rather than on the backend of WordPress.

I can’t seem to find anything that fits, but i am sure there is something out there. i don’t mind paying.

Thanks so much!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Does the site on your signature is the one your talking about? Because the site only links me to an index page. Anyway, I just want to check if your wordpress site allows someone to register, you can actually check it on your Wordpress setting > General. But all other concern was not that familiar for me. I’m also looking forward for a good answer for this.