Web Photo Gallery Viewable on iPhone

I have a Flash photo gallery on one of my WordPress sites. It looks like I finally need to seriously look into creating an alternative gallery on that website that will be viewable when a visitor surfs to the site from an iPhone/iTouch/iPad.

I prefer a WordPress plugin that’s easy to set up and looks and works nicely on the iPhone. I’ve searched the Internet for options, but I’m, frankly, still confused on what would be a good solution for an alternative gallery.

Any feedback on how others have solved this issue will be most appreciated.

What about wordpress’s default gallery plugin? The new ones do it quite well, and I believe its with lightbox too (if not just use lightbox)…

Basically; anything that isn’t flash will work on the iphone :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info, PauL’. I hadn’t even thought about using WordPress’ own gallery. :slight_smile:

After deciding which alternate gallery to use, my next question is how best to automatically direct the iPhone visitor to the alternate gallery page?

I’d think that using a script of some kind would be best, rather than simply providing a link to the alternative gallery? If a script is used, where do I get it? Or is there another option to consider?