Web Page Videos and Optimization

Hi All,
I’ve been looking for a way to optimize a video that a client wants to put on his site. Currently it is in an .mp4 format and over 58MB in size.

I did convert it to a .wmv format and also to an .avi format, but it is still over 40MB in size and not viewer download friendly.

Is there a program or resource to optimize these videos? I’ve read on the forums here that a Flash format is the way to go. Can I convert these vids to Flash?

Obviously, I am not an experienced Flash user. Any help to point me in the right direction would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

PS. Would it be wise to have these videos start immediately upon the page loading (I don’t care for that personally), or better and more user-friendly to have to click a link?

Geez, I have to spend more time on SitePoint!

Generally you should allow the user to decide as to whether they want the video to be played or not so don’t set autostart to true.

Yes, you should be able to convert them to Flash though there are various tools and methods you can use.I am not into Flash so cannot recommend the best tool and codecs but I could probably find one on the internet.

Convert them to an mp4 using the h.264 codec then you can play back both with a flash player and alternatively using the html5 video tag for devices that don’t support flash.

Hi xhtmlcoder and EastCoast,
I found a program called FreeMake Video Converter that I’ve been using to convert these videos. I just tried a conversion to the .mp4, and the file size ended up being 38.6MB.

By the way, the video mentioned above is about 2:28 in length.

Is there a conversion program that you’d recommend to convert these videos? the FreeMake program does not have an option to convert to Flash. Is it acceptable to simply leave it as an .MP4 file?

And is there a certain file size I should be striving for? (the original three camera videos was are using are 67MB, 58MB, and 33MB.)

Thanks for the help and educating me. I suppose it is time for me to learn some new stuff, LOL!

In friendship & success,

It’s rather large for 2:38 minutes in length. Can you change the aspect ratio and video size or quality? Possibly VLC media player might be useful http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VLC_media_player

Without knowing the frame-rate and the resolution as well as the running time, it’s tricky to say what you should aim for. Having said that, unless it’s HD, you should be able to get good quality under 1mbps which would equate to about 22mb.

I’ve never heard of freemake video convertor, but I’d be surprised if it couldn’t convert to h.264, though to be frank most of the free video conversion applications available are pretty poor. I generally use either adobe media encoder or sorenson squeeze but these aren’t free.

You say you’ve saved as mp4 (mp4 is just a container format) but what’s more important is the codec used inside this mp4 - if it’s not h.264 then you’re not getting the best quality to size ratio.