Web Page not displaying properly

I recently added a slide show to my web page page and now the css style sheet that styles the page does not work.

This is the web page: http://www.searchtransparencysem.com/projects/k-powers/index-slide

This is the style sheet that won’t work: css/wrapper.css

Can anyone figure this out?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks Stevie! :wink:

You’ve not closed your <link rel=“icon”>, so it is treating anything up to the next /> as part of the icon jobby.

Lesson 1 - This is one of the dangers of using XHTML or fauXHTML unnecessarily.

See also http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://www.searchtransparencysem.com/projects/k-powers/index-slide … you’ve got several more errors on that page that you really need to sort out, particularly if you’re pretending it’s XHTML.

Lesson 2 - If your page doesn’t work as expected, try running it through the validator. More than half the time, when you fix the errors it points out, that will fix the problem.