Web page not displaying fully

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this, but it seemed like the most applicable. Please point me elsewhere if this is not the case.

Anyway, on 2 pages of my portfolio site, the images in the main body section often won’t load completely on the first try (www.bryantcandesign.com/vlog.html and [URL=“http://www.bryantcandesign.com/vlog_2011.html”]www.bryantcandesign.com/vlog_2011.html). However, if you click an internal link to the page you’re already on, everything works fine.

I’ve checked it in Firefox 3.6.25 and Safari 4.1.3 and both have the same issues. The code for the CSS checks out perfectly on the W3C validator site. The XHMTL is fine except for this message:

“character data is not allowed here”
<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“bcdstylesheet.css” />

A space (which is nonexistent in the real code) is highlighted after the closing tag.

Is it something to do with that? I’m slowly learning to code in my spare time, so any help is greatly appreciated.

The images load fine for me, and the code looks OK. Did you paste the code from some other program? Sometimes extra hidden characters can creen in, especially pasting from something like Word, which is not good to do.

No, if I remember correctly it’s all from scratch with help from SitePoint books, which of course are standards compliant. I just recently created the archives page and that’s when things starting acting up. But glad to hear it’s displaying fine on your machine–maybe mine’s just finicky. Thanks for the help!