Web hosting?

what is web hosting and how we can provide these service?? what is required to host a web???

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Arguably, the best choice for someone very new at, it is to buy a reseller account, learn how to use it all, and then start selling.

Well, to put web hosting in layman’s terms is the service using which you can host your domain name on internet which is accessible to whole world.
If you want to get your business online then you need to register a domian name, build your website and then host the content using webhosting services.
You can start with shared hosting packages which is an affordable hosting option.

Web hosting means providing space on server or you can say internet hosting service through which you can make your sites accessible on www.There are various types of web hosting such as shared,dedicated,vps,reseller etc.

I believe that the best way to try how it is going to be web hosting provider - start with reseller account. Soon later you will be able to make your main decision - Stay or Leave business.

if you don’t know what is web hosting then i will suggest you to lear everything about it first instead of becoming reseller and providing services to others.

To a web host it requires you to have State of the Art servers with internet connectivity. It also depends on the country you are from. However, as discussed by many here it is better to buy any reliable and cheap reseller hosting package from an experienced hosting provider and start hosting your websites.

When you’re looking for a hosting provider there are a few things you should look for:

FTP Access
Some hosts will only provide access to your Web server via a Web form. But this limits your access and control over the pages. Plus it often requlres more steps to get content up to the site through a form.
Adequate disk space
What’s adequate can vary greatly from site to site, but if you find a hosting provider that can add space when you need it, you should be fine. When you’re starting out, check how much space your site uses on your hard drive, and make sure you get more than that.
Reasonable bandwidth
Bandwidth is the measure of how much data flows across a network over a set period of time. Since you want your pages to be viewed more than once, look for monthly bandwidth of at least 5GB.