Web Hosting Offers - What Do Users Prefer?

When it comes down to it, there have always been a vast number of web hosting / reseller hosting providers in the market (a seperate discussion altogether). However, we all know what differentiates the good from the not-so-good, but, what do you (potential customers or otherwise), feel would give you a good “feel” from a provider?
We would appreciate some feedback in the form of your answer to a simple poll and I’m sure other users / providers will benefit from this too - after-all, what is a provider who doesn’t take it’s clients’ view / requirements into consideration?!

I have hosting, both dedicated servers and virtual accounts, with over 10 hosting companies. Of those 10, there are two or three that I really, really like. And the common denominator is: fast, smart support. Fast is great and always appreciated, but smart is the biggest thing for me. When a “tech” e-mails me back saying they don’t know how to do what I’ve asked, that isn’t much of a tech at all.

I haven’t viewed the results yet but I would think that it would come down to the fact that having a more personal relationship with your customers “as a web host” tends to be quite important as it certainly pro-longs the longevity of the customer and they probably have a better sense of feeling being with that kind of web host. Customer support has always been a #1 concern for us and I’m sure it always will be. Best regards,

Ryan L.

Personally when i’m looking for a host. The number 1 thing on my mind is support. I usally look out for host that have live chat system.

Knowing each client by name isn’t going to happen unless you are a big client, or going for a much smaller hosting company, take a company like ThePlanet (Softlayer), they have hundreds of thousands of servers, that’d be potentially tens of thousands of customers, no way they can know everyone who has a server.

With regards to top 10 in google etc, not too convinced either, its possible for sites to be higher for X keywords and still not deliver.

Personally, I tend to look at people I knkow and recommendations rather than any of the set criteria.

I believe that is pretty sure that everyone wants a lot of sources for few $$ only. But that is the first feeling only. In any way your client need quality service. And if you will be able to deliver that for them I believe they will stay with you for ages.

There can be many reasons on deciding upon the fact that which hosting is good and which one is not like: Their Support system,Bandwidth,speed and how accessible they are at the time of the need.

That’s right. There are few major factors that custoemrs consider like support, reviews, server reliability, modes of support, features the host provides. Not necessary for a hosting company to be in the top 10 list.

Take my word for it. Standard and shared hosting is outdated man. The new thing in is SEO Hosting. I am personally with seohost.com and I can vouch that they good at whatever it is that they do. Multiple IP Hosting is the future of the web hosting industry.

I’m not so convinced on that Multiple IP Hosting claim as yet, there certainly are better ways to get yourself up the rankings.

I go for hosts who are well known and in many cases know me by my name instead of labeling me as a number. I found the right host for me that way and couldn’t be happier.

Some big hosts have gotten too corporate though and service degrades that way.