Web hosting for small Drupal / Ubercart website


I need to get a webhost for a small Ubercart website. It’s the first time I need one for a NA resident and I really don’t know the NA webhost market : which ones are good, which ones have bad practice etc. so here I am, asking on Sitepoint.

What I’d need would be a package including a domain name, php 5.2 at least, CURL, GD2 or ImageMagik, at least one MySQL database (preferably not limited) for a small traffic website at first (so yeah, shared hosting). Which companies provide this kind of hosting with a good service ?

I suppose you need to make sure that web host will support your application and sign up with the smallest plan. That would be enough.

I’m sure, if you request putting your site on a shared hosting account, and inform the provider, you should be fine … either way, IF your site becomes too resource intensive, a good provider will inform you and give you alternatives … so it would be worth looking at that, failing which you can always move onto a VPS or a dedicated server if you so wish.

Drupal is fairly resource intensive. I’ve only worked on servers that are running larger sites but I am not sure how well it would fare under a shared hosting provider.

If you have the administrative support, you may want to look into getting a VPS, e.g. http://www.vps.net/ This would also allow you to scale up the site until dedicated hardware was required.

Other solutions include cloud-based hosting from companies like SoftLayer:

But that may be more than what you want to start out on.

I can not say whether you can make it on a Shared Hosting account or you need a VPS. This is something you should discuss with your provider before moving forward with a sign up.

Drupal is pretty resource intensive regardless of plugins - they just make it even worse :slight_smile: With decent shared hosting that isn’t overloaded you shouldn’t have a problem though.

I’m surprised people says Drupal is resource intensive. It must depend on the plugins you use I guess.

I think I’ll follow ServerPoint advice, but Drupal’s website as a big list of hosts presented with no mention of how good or bad they are. Just reading their own forum give me bad feelings about one of those (Bluehost).

Maybe on the official site for drupal you can find the list of suggested hosts?
Check that?