Web host log in details

Hi all,

When a designer builds a website for a client which includes web hosting is it normal for the web designer to give the web hosting details to the client ie
control panel URL, username & password or not? For example I know of a site where the website owner knows the CMS login but not the web server login - so is this normal / common or not?


OK so you mean that the scenario above is not unusual? If you pass on web server details to the client, do you instruct them not to open server files ie in case they mess something up?


I’d say that really depends on what your client wants and needs. At times they may need access to set up email accounts, check server stats and so on.

No it’s not unusual for clients not to have access to a control panel. Some clients you wouldn’t want to let loose on one, but others may even ask for it.

The best policy is to assess what they actually need to manage their site, and if they have to work with certain control panel features then give them relevent access. If they don’t need access then don’t give them the login :slight_smile: