Web host bought similar names


A friend of mine who started a business went with a local hosting company. They sold him a domain name, created a site for him and hosted it. It was fine but nothing special. They were charging him $50 a month to host and I told him that I paid a lot less and he might want to look at a cheaper host if it met his needs.

He left that host but when he left he found out that they had bought similar sounding domain names to his and would sell them to him for $$$. This definitely seems to be an unethical to me. Is it even legal?


Happens all the time unfortunately.

I hate situations like this.

Worse are the parking websites, waiting for people to come up with good domain names, only to find that it’s been ‘parked’ by some greedy business wanting $thousands for it.

I’m a physics student primarily, and there are ranges of topics that are rather interesting and may even deserve a website based on articles which people could learn from. Yeah, I’m one of those who believes in the power of information rather than profit. So it really pisses me off when I see things like this.

I believe that is what a lot of domainers do and web host seems wanted to play in this game.
I would personally ignore such offers and would not pay attention on them, at all. I recommend him do the same.

Everyone is free to buy as many domain names as they please…you can do the same, if you have money to spare. They are an investment.

Now, if you web host plays that with you then just ignore them. You have a website, they don’t. If you continue working at your website I don’t think your host will start developing that name to match your success (they are in the web hosting business, not web development and online marketing business).

That def is way too much for hosting. If you are planning on running a big business you should always try and register all the different extensions, variations and abbreviations of your name. It comes in handy when you need to do some online reputation management.

Having a trademark helps as well, but can be hard to get for certain names.

I agree. If you’re able, register your name in all the most popular TLDs like .com, .co.uk, .org, .net etc to ensure you get a hold of your online identity.