Web Elements Not Showing in IE7

I have a site showing only background images and not the content.

I’m sure it’s a ‘position’ issue, and I tried adding an additional ‘<div>’ to those positioned elements; unfortunately, the site still didn’t appear.

Hi, as a parent of complicated content, it needs to have haslayout in some situations. Tricky case :slight_smile:

The fix is to provide haslayout, zoom:1; will do the trick.


My IE7 in IEtester wasn’t working on your site for some reason, so I tried this on IE6 and it worked, so I assume IE7 was just the exact same issue.

Sweet, RyanReese! Thank you.

I too have IETester which gave me the idea that IE7 wasn’t popping up the site. But I can’t seem to find a nice debugger like Firebug to work with IE! Any suggestions?

Thank you, again!

Besides IE dev toolbar there really isn’t a nice debugger tool for IE. I just use FF to debug all issues in all the browsers. It’s just easier that way.

You’re welcome :).