Web Development Quizes

I’ve taken a few courses this year at a local college. I’ve found the part that helps me the most is the assignments and exams. I think this is something missing from a lot of books and videos (they are one-way learning tools).

So I signed up for the HTML5 Live course just to see if it had anything like this. I don’t see any quizes so far but I think the courses that Sitepoint are doing are a good step in this direction.

i know there also used to be exercises on this forum too.

are there any other resources like that around? i think w3schools has quizes but i never found that site to be very challenging.

yes i am not exactly looking for quiz formats but more challenges like you mention at the end. for example the instructor in my last php class would give mock assignments that were good because he knew what if he wanted to emphasize arrays then make the students do x

i should be able to figure out some to do by myself but it’s also good to work on these as a group like the sitepoint challenges on the forum a while ago.

If you like taking tests you could try Odesk. I don’t know as it would help getting you a freelance job, but last I knew they had a lot of “qualification” tests.

Not that I know of (all the one’s I’ve seen have been very weak), however I would say that you could perhaps look for a web design qualification (like CIW) and perhaps test yourself on the mock exam questions they have (if there’s any freely available). Though being perfectly honest, web design isn’t about checking boxes or answering questions, it’s about building based on needs… perhaps try setting yourself a website building project instead as it would be good for the portfolio. :slight_smile: