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Hi @littlebirdy
Maybe you would like to give us your views first…

Hahahaa good Sam good.

Well I was thinking about too much competition in this filed, rise of freemium web builders like Wix, Shopify, rise of templates, etc etc. :slight_smile:

May be I am thinking wrong :expressionless:

I think this individual was more concerned about having to please annoying clients, it does not sound like they were short of work.
That kind of client is not exclusive to web design, they can be a problem in a range of creative industries.
I think they wanted to work on what they wanted to work on, rather than be the puppet of a client.

When you stop enjoying what you’re doing, it’s time to find something you do enjoy.



Hi, I think the world of small web design and development is really really tough. You’ll get clients with not much money who want all the bells and whistles and have no idea of the technology and effort it takes to make stuff happen. So you have to be very good at educating the clients and dealing with their expectations, and also protecting yourself from scope creep and being exploited. Tough world hey

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Hi there littlebirdy,

call me “Nerdy” if you like, but it is natural for me when
visiting a link, that has been posted in a forum thread,
to initially click my “View Source” button. :shifty:

What I saw in this link of yours is that author’s site has
been created with “WordPress”. :eek:

If the poor bugger has spent most of his ten years in
business working with that soul destroying creation, it
is hardly surprising that he wanted to cut and run. :wonky:

If the truth was known, it is highly probable that he was
actually feeling suicidal and was sectioned by his kin. :winky:

A course of bespoke coding might prove to be therapeutic. :sunglasses:



Thank you to Everybody. Of late I am feeling very exhausted.

I also build simple 5-6 pages WP websites for small biz / individuals. Every time its just copying those similar designs from various sites … logo on the top left, nav on the top right, a full screen banner, then 3/4 boxes… then again a full screen banner… like thse and then convert it to WP.

I am tired.

These types of jobs… even clients themselves can do or hire a college fresh-out.

This is where I am lost…

Anyway thank you to all of you :slight_smile:

Web designing technique should be effective because If you have not powerful idea about design the website then you can not put a good impression on the customers. So always do your best with the good creativity.

“For no matter how much great work you do, it’s not the work you choose to do. You’re always working for someone else.” Understandable but also a bit…whiny, if that’s not too harsh? lol. I mean, the very nature of working is that you’re doing what your customers want, not what you want.

On the other hand, this is a scary thought to me: “There’s a reason most web designers never have time to work on their own websites, nevermind their own businesses.” I guess that’s not surprising - I have a friend who draws cartoons for a living and as a result he doesn’t really draw “for fun” anymore. But if this is likely to be the case, it is off-putting.

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