Web Designers P*****g Me Off!

I have one webiste that I have to use every day for work and the web designer was a complete idiot. I resize and place my windows on my screen where I WANT THEM so I can see everything, and I have multiple monitors.

And for some reason this web designer decided to be funny and make the browser window resize to fit the website and center itself in the screen everytime I click a button or link on the website.

I’m so p****d off I can’t even think anymore because I’m tired of this stupid window flopping all over the place where ever it feels like it. I should arrange my windows how I want, they have no idea what I’m doing.

I tried contacting the web developer but he doesn’t bother to remake the website because he’s lazy so I need to figure out how to stop him from hacking my widows when ever he wants.

I looked on google and I found some ways on FireFox to turn off scripts permission to resize my windows but my place only has Internet Explorer installed and I can’t install things because they decided to block me out of that too.

I hate my job.

Then quit your job?

  1. Mind your language. This is a family friendly forum and although there is a big number of professionals we also have a good number of underage people browsing :wink:

  2. Id this web developer working for your company. Or this website that you use for work is a service from other company?

Probably this behaviour was not created to annoy you and make your life harder but for some good reason. But the only way is to ask.

I know, you said you contacted the webmaster and that he’s lazy. I will trust your word but… are you sure that he doesn’t have a good reason to leave it like that? Maybe that the bosses wanted it this way? or most of the people that use the site?

  1. You hate your job. Get a new one more satisfactory. Complaining is not going to help… except to feel a brief moment of relief (which I hope that you did feel by writing this post ;))

  2. If you don’t want to quite your job and have to live with this situation, learn to make the most of it. Maybe by changing your work flow this window resizing issue will not be that annoying and such a big deal.

How about talking to your boss about how this negatively influences your work/productivity, and that a quick and costless solution would be to give you firefox?

download firefox from portableapp.com and install it to a folder or a usb stick