Web design

pleas tell me witch kind of web design is best and witch kind of things
we should follow before make the web design:)

None of the magic-based witch kind types of web design seem to be effective, so I’d suggest the hard work kind of web design instead.

What do you mean…? say like “witch”!!

The best web design comes after you massage your work well.
Those fly-by-night solutions just don’t yield good results if you asked me.


This thread is similar to me going to an auto mechanic’s shop and asking them to tell me what a car is and how I can make one. Instead of asking this question, you should read through the threads in this and the other forums and begin figuring out where you should begin learning web design. You might consider the Just Starting your Design forum. Thread closed.

This is also the second thread you’ve started that has been closed for the same reason. We call this “fluff.” Please read the FAQ above, find out what fluff is, and stop posting it.