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Iam an junior SEO professional, i am doing Seo for our web design site. Now our site displayed in first page of google search but im not getting any response from the client side, and also i have posted our site details in a number of free classified sites, please help me through mail for this situation to trigger out the issues.


By “no response from the client side” do you mean no one has contacted your company through the website? If so, have you looked at your contact form and page? Are they set up to convert people well? Also, you may be showing up on the first spot on Google but for how many phrases? If its just the one phrase, maybe that isn’t enough to drive the kind of traffic you need to start getting contacted.

Here is a good post on sitepoint about how to increase conversions,

Hopefully that points you in the right direction,


Hi, First check the site whether you have placed the contact details at the appropriate place.


The first thing to check is that you genuinely are appearing at the top of Google. Remember that if you’re using your normal browser, and particularly if you are logged into your Google account, Google knows who you are and what sites you regularly visit. So if it sees a site that you go to a lot that is a possible match for what you’re searching for, it will push it higher up the results page than it normally would. It’s a good idea to have a browser that you can just use for checking up on your rankings, where you aren’t logged in to Google, and you can search for relevant words/phrases but don’t ever click through to your site. This should then give you reasonably unbiased results pages.

If you’ve checked all that and your site genuinely is getting a good result for words/phrases that people are likely to be typing in, have a critical look at how your site appears in the results. Do the page title and description look trustworthy and do they accurately convey what your site does in a way that encourages people to click on them? If you didn’t have any connection to the site, would you click through? When they do come through to your site, what next? Does the landing page look like a reputable business? Is it clear where they need to go, what services you offer, why they should hire you?

It sounds basic, but it’s a good point. If the “contact us” links on your page aren’t working properly, people can’t even tell you that they aren’t working. Check that it is possible to make contact and that any email links or contact forms are functioning as they are suposed to be.[/font]