Web Design Business Kit 2.0 vs 3.0

I would like to hear from actual purchasers of both kits not anyone within Sitepoint, I’ve already tried that route:

Was the purchase at full price of 3.0 worth the differences in the material?

What were the significant topics(not details) that you found to be worth $250?

For those that are hesitant to buy, what price point would you be inclined to buy 3.0 while owning 2.0? My personal opinion is that I would jump at it for 1/2 price, about $125. I need to know that there are SIGNIFICANT differences THROUGHOUT to pay full price. And differences that are meaningful

Thank you in advance!

I thought that the price if you upgraded was different. At least, when it came out, there was a difference between buy it for the first time and having the previous version.

I only have the 2.0 version so I can’t tell the differences.