Web Content Editor

Hi everybody,

Is there any web content editor (like FCKEditor or WMD editor) that allows page layouts (images, tables etc.) like MS Word?

Thanks to all

WYSIWYG editors like CKEditor do that. It’s never going to be exactly like Word, but the same sort of thing. I know that CKEditor is very customizable, too, so there are lots of options you can include/create. You can also ‘import’ Word doc layouts.

Are you using any particular CMS with this? Some of them have special plugins that harness these editors for their own purposes, in sme cases extending/refining them.

Why has TinyMCE been left out| :slight_smile:

Wordpress uses TinyMCE and with a couple of plugins (TinyMCE Templates and WP Tables Reloaded) you do just about whatever you need.

There are also ‘extensions’ for TinyMCE itself if you’re developing your own thing.

TinyMCE? Does that just enable a text area to have all those editable options? Or does it do more?

I prefer to avoid this entirely.

You shouldn’t be able to do complex layout with a wysiwyg because it will always butcher the HTML.
Those things should be achieved by writing plain HTML and CSS.

wysiwyg editors should only edit the content within existing layouts.

Disregard my advice at your own peril! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
My most preferable web content editor is NicEdit…Since it is java script it can be easily integrated with Web Page…We can also convert standard textareas into rich text editing…:slight_smile: