Web Based Sending and Receiving of Email and Text Messages

I’m in the process of developing a web based software application and am working on a sort of “setup CMS” for adding new client databases to the server. I’m beginning to have thoughts regarding being able to automatically send new clients an email welcoming them and having them set up some basic info and passwords in order to log in to the system.

I’m assuming web based email and text interaction capabilities are quite involved and will probably require third party services. As these are pretty standard features nowadays for most social websites, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for beginning research in both of these areas?


After starting this thread, I began reading PHP literature relating to email(). PHP looks like it can handle email well. Will keep heading down that path.

Ideas for web based handling of texting (and email) are still appreciated.

Most carriers have an email box for their customers that can receive an email and generate an SMS message. So if you send an email to 555555555@att.com (or, rather, something kind of like that-- I can’t remember specifically), it will send an SMS text to the phone number 5555555555 with the message body as the text.

The mail address varies by cell provider, though, so you either have to get a lookup service or have the user provide that info.

Thanks, TexasBob. Will definitely give it a shot.