Web Application Development - A Guide to Success

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this is a great resource. I have already linked to this article from my website . The way the author explains the process is unbelievably simple. I never knew that the commercialized process of application development involved such a simple, yet effective system of operations.
thank you sitepoint for this great article!


Good article, except that views, at least in SQL Server, are more processor and I/O intensive than stored procedures. Views must have their execution plans recreated every time, whereas stored proceudres are compiled ahead of time.

10 sitepoints!

the simplicity that the author applies to an otherwise very complicated topic makes this a superb read! I enjoyed it fully.

Four Stars!!!
O.K. I’m a tad (alot) wiser now having read it.

good work. concise and clear starting point for the beginner.

I would gave you guys a 10, but, you didn’t develop my application, so, I give you all a 9. smiles - content is great here. good stuff.

very very good

what an excellent read !

I had to go through a similar process for my uni project, but never realised it was so similar to the real world. I guess the article was simplifying things, but gives a good outline and very interesting points.

Good articles.

A very good article, thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

Great article but a vital resource link is a 404 error here is the link used above for RayCom.com.


That’s because the domain name has changed :). The new link is:


wow this article is 3 years old! i didn’t notice that, and i sent feedback to the author after reading it. I hope he’s still alive :stuck_out_tongue:

You mentioned that views improve query performance in SQL Server. This is incorrect. They ARE NOT like stored procedures and in fact can slow query performance in some situations.

A lot of times this misconception comes from Oracle programmers as Oracle has a different method of doing views and does have performance benefits.

There can be a speed gain if an index is placed on a view, but not all views have indexes. Heck, not all SQL Server installs can support this either.

Otherwise, great article. Just wanted to correct that one inconsistency.

“Windows NT/2000/XP Web servers are very fast and easy to administer.”

XP webservers?