Web applett viewer

Here is my work on an embedded applett viewer, which updates the navigation and animations of user interactivity very fast. has a directory structure of graphical regions that pertain to navigation. and navigation leads to different consoles where content is listed in a directory and displayed in a graphical region. I made an index structure to handle the picture references which will appear in the directory. I just haven’t figured out how to link the directory structure to the indexes. maybe when the click function is called. each region will contain a heirarchy of parts, that is compiled from the premade index list. The index structure will contain all the file references and locations they appear in the directory. Indexes will be created as lineage of parts each file is contained in. As a form to fill out the lineage, and save the lineage as a data entry. That the list of parts compiles at runtime when each console is opened. Any comments or help would be nice.

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