Web App software procedure diagram

hey folks,
i been developing a web app and now my work place are going for ISO certification and they have asked to give them with the ‘Software Procedure Diagram’ like a flowchart the process involved in it. this is something totally new for me, basically i m a web designer. i design mock up, after approval convert them to html, validate it and forward it to software engineer and they all the database thingy using oracle. in this given scenario. how do i make ‘software procedure diagram’

It may be much more than you need, but you could check out Enterprise Architect.



I was able to do a flowchart of software procedure diagram in visio. it worked :slight_smile: i m now certified ISO Auditor.
thanks folks

what would i be searching for? while googling

Um, if I recall, a program called Violet does generalized flow-charting, is pretty easy to use and is free. I’m sure there’s others, but that’s all that leaps to mind right now. I’m not really all that sure what you need to do, but hopefully that helps you.

Generally a flow chart is built off of a use case table. It’s all stuff you’ve already done in your head, but putting it on paper is easier said than done. Flowcharting is like another language, so you’ll have a bit of a curve, but a decent program should take care of the minutae.

i can take a wild guess about the flowchart but i wanna learn by some example

I’m not sure what the ISO standards are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you needed to know some pseudocode, the meanings of box shapes, line types and arrowhead types.

It could be a bit more work than you’re thinking, but I’m sure there’s lots of examples out there. Check it out. Could be incredibly tough, could be super easy depending on the app and how you built it.

“application flow chart example”. Or “software development flowcharting”. I think there’s a site or two that even have tutorials.