Web App Gallery, Part 1

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Although I haven’t worked with nopCommerce, I get the impression from the website that this will end up being a nickle-and-dime-you-to-death product. It may be open source, but you have to pay $20 for the documentation and the partnership program requires you to pay for the opportunity to be a partner for a free product.

In the end, you have to question the funding of free open source projects in a market as apparently commercial as ecommerce. I can understand people devoting time for free on apps for gene sequencing or even information tools like browsers. But who’d donate time for free to enable store owners around the world to have free tools to make money with?

At least the commercial apps like http://www.kartris.com appear more open about the sources of funding model and the costs, having a free 500 product version, and then a paid version without limitation.

The article was framed as being about the Microsoft web app gallery and then went on to be a eulogy for one of the applications there, which makes me a little bit suspect.

Is the author going to review other apps there?

I feel uneasy every time I see some open source ASP.NET. The two just don’t go together.
nopCommerce is nice, but it will linger in that tiny non-existent MS Open Source world. LAMP is way more suitable for this. Way easier to get contributors too.