Web 2.0 Is Really For Helping Ranking On SEO

At this time Digital marketing is most important for increasing leads and sales.
so that reason i try to rank my website into Google.
I have one question to all
Web 2.0 site is really help for Google ranking.

Please some one answer this question.

Thank you

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What do you mean by Web 2.0? Different people seem to mean different things by this phrase, so it would help if you clarified that first of all.

I mean Blogger,Wordpress,
and If i promote my sites through blog posting by creating back link in my article so is that really help me?

OK. Thank you for the clarification.

Blogger and WordPress are nothing special; they’re simply ways of building web pages. Sites built with Blogger or Wordpress are regarded no differently than any other type of site when it comes to SEO.

Creating links yourself is a waste of time. The only links which have value in SEO these days are those you earn, by having high quality content which others will choose to link to. Creating links with the intention of manipulating ranking is a violation of Google’s guidelines.

If you have a quality blog post, then post it on your own site, where you will get the benefit of the article and the visitors it attracts, rather than on another site in the hope of gaining a backlink.

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Indeed. I’ve seen it defined as everything from a monumental “AJAX brings desktop like feel to web pages” change, to “pure hype that means nothing”.

In terms of programming, major version changes (eg. 1.x.x to 2.x.x) typical signify breaking changes. Though this is often true for code, I’m not so sure it is applicable to the web in general or the use of AJAX in particular.

As for getting higher positioning in Google search results, remember Google is a business and not a free service for the benefit of websites. Google offers advertisement services and I have never heard of any complaining that they failed to live up to a contractual agreement.

They do matter because they are from more trusted sites usually. One way some measure this is through Majestics Trust Flow or MOZs Domain Authority. Most of SEO linking these days is all about authority/trust and relevancy. AsI like to say, Google trusts, who it trusts, trusts. In other words get into the middle of that trust, to make a trust sandwich.

Sites built using Blogger and WordPress (the OP’s definition of “Web 2.0”) are “more trusted”?

My experience would tend to the opposite view. While many reputable sites do use them, they are also very popular among those who really don’t care about the site, but just want to create something quickly in te hope of making a fast buck.

As I said before, the platform on which a site is built is irrelevant. The structure of a site matters - whether hand coded or using a CMS - because correctly structured HTML facilitates search bots crawling and interpreting a site. Beyond that, what matters most of all is content.

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Who owns Blogger?
Whose rankings are you trying to break through in?

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Blogger Owner or you mean blogger site (which new create or where i try to buildup my link) owner

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Agree! :+1:

The fastest way to rank is to use expired Web 2.0 sites that already have page authority and backlinks.

Welcome to the forums, @prateekjadhav25.

I’m sorry, but your post makes no sense. If you buy an expired domain and use it to create a new site, it will be treated as a new site, just as if you’d bought a new domain. You might initially get a boost from any incoming links which have not been removed, but search engines will rapidly detect that these links are no longer relevant. Many links will be broken, as the pages they linked to no longer exist.

Page Authority is a metric created and used by moz.com, and has no bearing on search results. In any case, changing the site will change the PA.

The most important thing for search engine ranking is high-quality, unique content.

Hi fastsellhosue,
Web 2.0 site is really not helpful for Google ranking if you do not go with PBN link building method. But, PBN (Private Blog Network) is risky as well, in terms of Google’s emerging improvement, as they updating algorithm about daily. They might once soon be able to catch the W2 sites are unnatural than your money site and could impose a huge penalty. But, if you use the W2 site as your additional social platform to promote your site to the WP audience, then you can use the link with a no-follow state. Then, many users could move to your money site from the W2 site, as I do this. Remember that, link building shares only 28% of the total rank power. But your ultimate target is to increase quality traffic. So, you might make a W2 site with 100% relevant content to your money site for better ROI.

So what should a 0 visitors site do to get up?

Can’t do SEO(There won’t be any SEO), no one won’t post links,why would new websites even exist?

Google goes on block SEO, to get more advertisers right?

Google search is a service for web users which enables those users to find what they are looking for on the web, that is its purpose: to give the people searching the most relevant results for their search query.
What it is not, which many people forget or don’t realise, it is not a service for site owners to to promote their sites.
In the past SEO has been about “gaming the system”, that is tricking Google into thinking that a site is more relevant and important than it really is. Google is merely preventing sites from doing this and manipulating ranking to to create “false” results so it can give its users the most relevant results.


Of course it is working, If you post regularly on their site with good titles and authentic content.
It will take time but it is still working.

Yes, Web 2.0 Link Building Activity Good for Ranking in SEO.

Web 2.0 site Link:

  • Blogger
  • Wordpress
  • Wix etc.

It’s Good for Customer Increase reach and sales.


In high rated Web 2.0 platforms you can create free blogs and link back to your website or your primary blog.

What do you mean by “high rated”? Rated how, and by whom?

Creating multiple sites to link back to your main site is pointless. You will get far more benefit from posting high-quality content on your main site, and forgetting about outdated SEO tricks.


As of today. I use web 2.0 to sites to create Tier 2 backlinks. But some use this in creating direct backlinks. I guess it still helps in ranking websites.