Ways to promote ecommerce products, please recommend

Hi, I run a small ecommerce shop selling art related products.
besides selling them on my own website, I have done the following in order to promote my products:

  1. opened the store on amazon and ebay
  2. I’ve made my product images indexed in google image search.
  3. submitted my products to google product search

what other important things that I have missed or should consider doing?

thank you,

submit your site to art related directories and generally target the art industry wherever you can. this way you will get targetted customers through direct traffic, and higher organic search results due to relevant backlinks

1, Write passages about your products and submitted them to article sites
2, Post your websites to bookmarking sites, such as Digg
3, Create content continuously on your own site
4, Exchange links with other sites
5, Open a google adwords account and post ads of your product.

Good luck.

I heard people sell art on Etsy.

Do you have statistics of where people come from to your main site? What’s the best source of traffic?

Also, you can use social networks such as twitter or facebook to promote your products.

You can create Facebook page here:

You can promote your product images on Social Networking sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook or Blogs…etc…You can find dis method very usefull…

  1. Google Places
  2. Implement perfect SEO strategies
  3. Implement “Tell a Friend” section
  4. Social networks are the best platforms to promote your e commerce sites
  5. Set up an email campaign to a strategic group of perspective clients
  6. Make sure your keywords reflects your products in your shopping cart!
  7. Navigation should be search engine as well as user friendly
  8. Audio, Video can also help you in getting new clients/buyers

Hi Baoshu

Definitely look at getting listed on the top shopping comparison sites. Most require some kind of feed, usually in XML or CSV format, containing your latest products/prices, so they are automatically up to date on the comparison sites.

eCommerce packages usually support configuring a feed, or have a plug-in for popular feeds. The bigger directories require you to register, and you often have to pay a cost-per-click on your product listings.

Check out if your competitors are listed on any of the big sites - this is usually a good indication that something is working.

Also, consider writing articles about how to put your products to good use - tips, techniques etc and then submit to content aggregators. Content sites will then publish your article, on condition that they link your site. Whilst this may not help much with direct traffic from the article, in certainly helps build page rank to boost your Google ranking.

Hope that helps.

Social networking is something that you will find useful in promoting your website. Also, writing articles and submitting those on article related sites is important.

Are you selling the art itself or art supplies?
If it’s the art itself - take a look at redbubble.com - pretty cool.

Links to sites related to the products or services that complement your own is likely to be the best source of visitors. Identify sites that might attract the same kind of customer you are looking for and try to negotiate cross-link with them. Negotiating cross-links works well when the two sites attract the same amount of traffic.

do off page activities like directory submission as well as social media marketing and target specific keyword.

Product promotions are done in so many ways right now. There are social networkings use the advantage of facebook where there are million of user it will help you new open store be visible in search engine.

I would like to suggest you that you should get your business locally listed in any sites like merchantcircle etc. It will raise your identity.

If you’re selling B to C, then the social networks
are good sources of customers.

Selling B to B can be a LOT tougher on the social
networks unless you target business related sites like

I’d be curious to see any strong case studies for b-2-b on say, Facebook. Anyone know any?

create a special news letter geared towards the target demo.